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What is the understanding of Abhigya?

___Nirjala Gupta
The word Abhigya means to recognize or remember. For centuries, that is, for millions and billions of years, life has existed since before the creation of the universe and today it is coming to an end. It means that someone is lifeless even after being alive. And similarly, there are many such elements present in the universe which are destroying life and Abhijna is also getting destroyed. The living being which is alive in a certain measure, at a certain place, at a certain time, is its Abhigya. Should the Abhigya be only this much? Can living beings be limited only to this? If we think about what can be the identity of any living being or life then it says that life can never be destroyed. Life i.e. soul is immortal but the structure within which it exists. Its existence is called Abhigya, now what keeps changing from one form to another and Abhigya is limited to a period of time, later on it becomes extinct, but the existence of life in the universe is unlimited and immortal. The Abhigya of various structures is present in the universe. Are Like a tree, mountain, river, lake, ocean, human being, etc. have different characteristics which make them capable of surviving in this universe, some have shorter lifespan and some have longer lifespan but all have life. animals living in the mountains and their beauty if we talk about rivers, the lives of many animals depend on them. Everyone has an identity of his own and that defines the duty of his life. In human life, one must create such an identity which can reach out to this universe and make the duty meaningful.

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