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Kabir Das (poet)

God Kabir was generally known by the name “Kabir Das” among the common people and was working as a weaver in Banaras (Kashi, Uttar Pradesh). The irony is that the creator of the entire universe, God himself incarnated on earth and addressed himself as a slave. Everyone was unaware of Kabir Saheb's real form except those to whom Kabir Saheb himself appeared and introduced him to his real condition, which included Nanak Dev Ji, respected Dharamdas Ji (Bandhavgarh, Madhya Pradesh), Dadu Saheb Ji (Gujarat).
It is often asked that when and how did Kabir Saheb die? Actually Kabir Saheb did not die. As it is described in the Vedas that God Kabir never dies, he is immortal and indestructible. As per the pre-determined time, when the time of God's leela ended and he started going to Satlok, he performed another leela. Kabir Parmeshwar came to Maghar from Kashi to break the misconception that the one who dies in Maghar goes to hell and the one who dies in Kashi goes to heaven.

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