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Government report: Cost of 499 projects increased by Rs 5.01 lakh crore

 New Delhi/ The cost of 449 out of 1,873 projects in the infrastructure sector with an expenditure of Rs 150 crore or more has increased by more than Rs 5.01 lakh crore from the estimated cost in March 2024. 779 projects are running late. According to the Ministry of Statistics and Program Implementation, the original cost of implementation of 1,873 projects was Rs 26,87,535.69 crore. Now it is expected to increase to Rs 31,88,859.02 crore. This shows that their cost has increased by 18.65 percent or Rs 5,01,323.33 crore

The ministry said, if we look at the recent deadline for completion of projects, the number of delayed projects will come down to 567. Out of 779 projects, 202 projects are delayed by 1 to 12 months, 181 projects by 13 to 24 months, 277 projects by 25 to 60 months and 119 projects are delayed by more than 60 months. The average delay in 779 projects is 36.04 months.

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