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change is the law of nature

Nirjala Gupta -
Nature is our life giver, we are alive only by nature and the end of our life is hidden in this nature itself. Every thing and every living being present in nature is connected to each other somewhere. In science, it has been described as an ecosystem. If a single animal or plant dies, it affects the entire ecosystem. Similarly, whatever work we do may be beneficial or harmful to someone somewhere. Could. We have to face many changes in our lifestyle. At present, if we talk about summer season, we have to face the havoc of the sun and if we talk about autumn season, the sun seems like a boon for us. Due to high temperature in summer season, we bring changes in our daily routine. And adapt ourselves accordingly. If we do not do this then it will have a negative impact on our life and if this continues continuously then our life may end. If we talk about the current scenario of summer season… Summer season is the season in which human beings are most happy. During the break from schools, students are able to enjoy tourist places. And are able to meet and spend time with their relatives. And family happiness is most cherished in this season.More importance is given. Talking about nature, the whole creation is going on due to change. In the geographical structure, there are high mountains, there are flat plains and rivers, 71 percent of the entire earth is ocean. Every day subtle changes take place in this ocean and events like earthquakes keep happening. You may or may not accept the change; Whether you like it or not, it happens and will keep happening. Disliking or rejecting change is a failed attempt to stop the continuous process of nature. There is only your loss in this because your energy is being spent in a place from where you can get only disappointment and frustration.

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