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Sowing of Kharif crops has been done in 37 lakh 50 thousand hectares

Raipur/ The sowing of Kharif pulses has reached the final stage in the state. According to the information received from the Agriculture Department, so far sowing of paddy, other cereal crops and greens and vegetables has been done in 37 lakh 50 thousand 140 sectors, which is 78 percent of the sowing target set for the current Kharif season. So far, in the state, 31 lakh 46 thousand hectare of maize, one lakh 89 thousand 190 hectare of maize, 49 thousand hectare of Kodo, Kutki and Rogi, one lakh 52 thousand 220 hectare of pulses, 84 thousand 750 hectare of oilseeds and one lakh 19 thousand Sowing of greens and other crops has been completed in 180 hectare area and sugarcane sowing has been completed in 9 thousand 670 hectare.

In the Kharif season 2023, there is a target of sowing Kharif crops in 48 lakh 20 thousand hectare area in the state, including paddy in 36 lakh hectare, Maize in 4 lakh one thousand hectare including Kodo-Kutki, Ragi in 4 lakh 48 thousand 180 hectare. The target has been fixed for cultivation of pulses, oilseeds in 3 lakh 60 thousand hectare and oilseeds in 2 lakh 9 thousand hectare and vegetables and other crops in 2 lakh 50 thousand hectare. So far betel sowing has been done in 24 lakh 70 thousand 210 hectare against the fixed target. Similarly, paddy has been planted in 6 lakh 75 thousand 870 hectares in the state. Paddy has been sown in a total of 31 lakh 46 thousand hectare including paddy sowing and ropa boni, which is 57 percent of the target of paddy sowing.

Under pulse crops, Arhar has been sown in 78 thousand 610 hectare, Moong in 7 thousand 820 hectare, Urad in 65 thousand 500 and Kulchi's Bina in 290 hectare, which is against the 3 lakh 60 thousand hectare set for pulse crops. 42 percent of the target.
Similarly, in the Kharif season 2023, groundnut in 40 thousand 450 hectare, sesame in 11 thousand 410 hectare, soyabean in 31 thousand 540 hectare, ramtil in 1160 hectare, sunflower and castor in 180 hectare have been sown in the state under oilseed crops. Which is 41 percent of the target of sowing of oilseed crops. Vegetables and other crops have been sown in one lakh 19 thousand 180 hectares, which is 48 percent of the target.

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