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Roka Chheka campaign: Radium belts and tags are being applied to nomadic animals

Korea / As per the instructions of Collector Vinay Kumar Lagde, a campaign to install radium belts and tags on stray animals along National Highway 43 and other routes to prevent loss of life and loss of life due to road accidents from stray animals roaming in the open in the district going.

The Deputy Director of Veterinary Services Korea said that 06 teams of departmental officers and employees have been formed for the implementation of this campaign. In which the responsibility has been assigned to assistant veterinary officers, PAIW and Pashudhan Mitras along with veterinarians.

Radium belts and ears were tied around the necks of nomadic animals roaming in the main roads and square-intersections of the city by the campaign team with the help of the employees of the municipality.

Tagged in.

Along with this, people are also being made aware by advising them to keep the animals tied in their homes. At present, a total of 501 nomadic animals have been tagged with radium belts and ears of 109 animals in the district and the animal whose owner is not being identified is being sent to Gauthan.

He told that by applying radium belt, the light of the headlights of the vehicles shines in the night and the belts tied to the animals become alert and the drivers become alert, so that the common people as well as the animals will be saved from getting injured. With this meaningful effort, road accidents occurring at night can be reduced.

Deputy Director of Animal Development Department appealed

He urged and urged the cattle rearers not to leave their animals in the open and to avoid accidents in the loss of lives and animals by cooperating with the team of officials and employees of the Animal Husbandry Department in tagging and installing radium belts.

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