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Girder machine fell on laborers, 17 died

Mumbai /An accident happened late on Monday night on the Samruddhi Express Highway in Thane, Maharashtra. 17 laborers have died after a girder launching machine fell during the construction of a bridge on the highway in Sarlane near Shahpur. Construction work was going on at night on the highway. According to media reports, the girder machine fell down from a height of 100 feet at around 1:30 pm. There is still a possibility of some laborers getting buried under it.
NDRF Assistant Commander Sarang Kurve told that the rescue work is going on since 5:30 am. Actually, due to the heavy weight of the girder machine, it cannot be removed quickly.
Rescue work picked up speed only after he did not come at around 8 in the morning. According to reports, 15 dead bodies have been brought to Shahpur Sub District Hospital.

CM Shinde said - Swiss company was working here, the incident will be investigated Regarding this incident, Maharashtra Chief Minister Eknath Shinde said that the dead The family will be given a compensation of Rs 5 lakh. This is an unfortunate incident. Here But the Swiss company was working. Instructions have been given to investigate the incident.
88 people lost their lives in 6 months
Since its inauguration in December 2022, there have been 846 accidents on the Samridhi Expressway. Of these, 105 accidents were fatal, in which more than 100 people died Is. In all the accidents, 660 people were injured.

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