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Big relief to Rahul Gandhi in Modi surname case, Supreme Court stays sentence

Delhi /In the case of Modi surname, the Supreme Court has given a big relief to Rahul Gandhi on Friday. The Supreme Court, while giving its verdict in this case, has stayed Rahul's sentence.

Giving relief to Rahul Gandhi, he said, "We are staying Rahul's conviction pending appeal in the Sessions Court." On getting relief from Supreme Court to Rahul Gandhi, Congress said, this is the victory of love against hatred. Satyamev Jai Jai Hind. The case of Rahul Gandhi was being heard by a bench headed by Justice BR Gavai. Rahul's lawyer Abhishek Manu Singhvi argued in the court that the original surname of the complainant (Purna) himself is not Modi. His original surname is Bhutala. Then how can this be the case. Singhvi also told the court that the people named by Rahul

Did not cancel. He said, these people say that there are 13 crore people named Modi. There are people, but if seen carefully, then the problem should be only with the people associated with BJP.Has been Maximum punishment given to Rahul Abhishek Manu Singhvi, while favoring Rahul, the court said that in this case the maximum punishment for defamation case has been given, its result will be that Rahu Gandhi will not be able to become a people's representative for 8 years. He told the apex court that the High Court reserved the order for 66 days. Rahu has not been able to attend the 2nd session of the Lok Sabha.

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