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train slipped due to rainEarth

Soil under the tracks washed away due to heavy rains, 300 meter line hanging in the air

Kangra/ Heavy rains are causing a lot of damage in Himachal Pradesh. Due to heavy rains between Jwalamukhi Road Rani Kapda on the Pathankot-Jogindernagar railway line in Kangra district, the rail line was closed on Tuesday.

About 300 meters of the rail track has been suspended in the air due to the washing away of the soil below.

It is being told that due to the heavy rain since morning, due to heavy flow of water in the drain made for drainage on another hill side of the railway line, another 300 meters of soil has been washed away from the tunnel near Kapdah to Ranital. The railway line hangs in the air. how the train line was damaged

Is. The way this landslide has happened under the line, it seems that rail traffic will not be restored for the next six months on the wide stretch of Railway Chakki bridge.

Rail line will remain a problem for the next 6 months

After this, now it has caused a big loss to the railway department in Kondlahat. At present, two trains were running from Noorpur Road to Baijnath after the collapse of the Chakki Khad railway bridge on the Pathankot-Jogindernagar railway line, but due to heavy rains on July 8, the movement of these two trains on this route was suspended due to the hillock between Gurav Sun. was closed. even after the rain

Both trains were expected to be restored, but now

Due to the soil flowing under the railway line near the Kopadlahar tunnel, this hope is also has ended.

Due to the closure of these trains, people walking 7 to 8 km, the villagers of about a dozen panchayats attached to Sunwal railway stations have been forced to walk 6 to 8 km to avail the bus facility.


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