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Terrorist organizations have also named India: PM Modi

New Delhi /Prime Minister Narendra Modi opposes the name 'India'

Attacking the parties in a big way, it has been said that the name of India has been kept in terrorist organizations as well.

Is. Talking to the media after the BJP Parliamentary Party meeting, former Union Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad said that while addressing the MPs in the Parliamentary Party meeting, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that the name India is also a strange coincidence.

He told that Prime Minister Modi said that the East India Company and the Indian National Congress were created by the British. The Indian Mujahideen was founded by the Jatakists and India is also involved in organizations like the Popular Front of India. Describing the opposition as directionless in the meeting, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that Prime Minister Modi has said that he has not seen such an educationless opposition till date.

He also told in the meeting about making an Amrit Ban in Delhi by bringing soil from villages across the country. Referring to the dawn after darkness, he said that there is more energy than others, so everyone should unite.

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