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Soil and water were preserved in 33 drains under Narva

Korea /The implementation of the ambitious project Nakha started by the State Government of Chhattisgarh was started in the forest division of the district in the year 2019-20.

The slope of the hills in the forest division of the district has different directions. Because most of the rivers, the drainage direction is south where Mahanadi forms the catchment of the region, whose main tributary is the Hasdo.

Kotadol is situated in the northern boundary of the district, which is the catchment area of ​​the Son river whose main tributaries are Banas, Neur, Gopad, Mohan etc. Works of conservation, promotion and association of land in the tributaries/drains of these rivers will be done.

In this way, during the period from 2019-20 to 2022-23, the total distance of 33 drains is 435.45 km, the area is 81961, soil and water were preserved according to the place in the area.

Narva scheme was started from the year 2019-20, 03 drains in the year 2019-20

Nakati Nala, Guta Nata and Shaktihiya Nala respectively distance 108.20 km

The catchment area is 17925. In this, 4363 structures of stop dam pond, loose boulder check dam percolation tank, gulliplug and struggle contour trace have been constructed. In the year 2020-21, 09 Nara Phulwari, Dhanur Sukhad Lodari, Takiya Nala (Part-2) and Dodibahara Nala (Part-2) distance

165.50 KM catchment area is 17119 in which Prashad Check Dam, Gabion

Structure Plug, Two Border Check Dam Percolation Tank, Anicut, Arden Hum and

363993 structures of Stagd Vandoor Trade have been constructed.

In the year 2021-22, 11 drains respectively Gowri Nala, Dongri Nala, Sitamarhi Nala Meri Nala, Lohdia Nala, Khirki-Jhorki Nala, Sanbora Nala and Sanktihiya Nala (Part-2) distance is 90.26 km. The catchment area is 32716. Ashboot Check Dam, Gabion Structure, Galig, Loose Bodar Check Dam Percolation Tank, Anicut, Aden Dam Water Harvesting, 230007 structures of Dardak and Staggard Contour Trench have been constructed.

In the year 2022-23, 10 drains namely Barwa Nata, Bolhiya Nala, Nala (Part-2), Taraiyagarh Nala, Nagdabra Rala, Jogan Nala Hardauna Nala, Basnara Nala Anjanala (Part-1) and Anjan Mala (Part-2) distance 80.52 Km. The construction work of 197961 structures of Boulder Check Dam, Percolation Tank, Anicut Ardan Dam and Stagai Kandur Trench has been called

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