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Seema Haider appeals to Modi and Yogi, says she will be killed if she goes to Pakistan

Greater Noida/ New twists are coming one after the other in the Seema Haider case that came from Pakistan to India. There is a gathering of media personnel outside Seema's house since Friday morning. Everyone wants to know from Seema what the ATS questioned her, is Seema telling the truth or is there any contradiction in her statements. What will happen to Seema if she is sent back, does Seema want to go back or not? There are many questions and Seema is answering the questions one by one.

Answering the questions, Seema has requested Modi and Yogi not to send her to Pakistan, otherwise she will go to death, wherever she may be kept in India, but keep her here with Sachin and his children. Seema also told that her brother died in Pakistani Ani in 2022 but it is on the lowest rack. He told that his uncle who is being talked about was in the Pakistani Army, so he was there before he was born. Seema told that she was married in the Pashupatinath temple, while the spokesperson of the trust that maintains the temple says that no marriage takes place in the temple.

Answering all the questions, Seema Haider blames herself only for the fact that she entered India wrongly. But she says that she did all this for Sachin's love and she cannot live without Sachin. He says that no flight goes directly from Pakistan to Nepal. That's why he had to come to Nepal via Sharjah. Seema Haider claims herself innocent and says that she is not a spy. If she goes back to Pakistan, she will face death. That's why he should be allowed to stay here

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