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Schools look attractive after being painted with cow dung paint

Rampur/ Under the Chhattisgarh government's ambitious Chief Minister's School Jatan Yojana, the schools in the district are now being improved. In the district, under the plan, additional classrooms are being constructed along with school building repair, renovation and restoration work. With the rejuvenation of schools as per the intention of Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel, now children will get a better environment for studies, due to which a new enthusiasm will be created in children for studies.

So far, 1914 school buildings have been renovated in the state under the Mukhyamantri School Jatan Yojana. Under the scheme, renovation of roofs, tiling, painting of walls, repairing of toilets and decoration of schools are also being done in schools. The work of dyeing of schools in the district is being done with natural paint made from cow dung. Due to this, the school building is looking very attractive. The schools where the work has been completed are seen in a completely new form. With this, the children of those schools will now get facilities in a better environment. The school building was earlier in a dilapidated condition, water used to drip from the roof here during the rainy season, now it has been completely cured due to the repair of the roof, this will keep the children safe and they will be happy to study.

Under the scheme, 29162 schools have been entered in the portal from the districts. Whose cost is Rs 2133.60 crore. At present, the first installment of Rs 477,06 crore has been released to the districts to start the work. Till now 1914 works have been completed at present and more than 14 thousand works are in progress.

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