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Priyanka-Rahul will become the face of Congress in Madhya Pradesh

Bhopal /Who will be the face of Congress in Madhya Pradesh assembly elections is a big question. But the main face in the campaign will be former President Rahul Gandhi and National General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi. According to the party's strategy, where Priyanka will command the urban areas, Rahul Gandhi will be made more active in the tribal, Dalit and rural areas.

The command of the party in the state is in the hands of Kamal Nath and the state unit is encircling him. State leaders are even calling him the future chief minister. But till now no clear indication has been received from the party high command whether the party will make anyone the chief ministerial face before the elections or not.

This is because when Rahul Gandhi was also questioned about the Chief Minister's face, he also avoided it. Assembly elections are to be held in the state by the end of this year and the Congress has prepared its strategy for these elections. National General Secretary Priya Gandhi has made two visits to the state so far and in both these visits she has given guarantees that will bring change in the lives of the people of the state Is.

Party sources say that the reports going from the lower level in the state are encouraging to the party high command. This is the reason why the party has chalked out a special strategy for campaigning. According to this strategy, where Priyanka Gandhi will hold meetings and road shows in urban areas, Gandhi will be more active in tribal and rural areas

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