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MSME sector will get big boost in Maharashtra

Mumbai/ India's leading industry association MSME Promotion Council India has formally announced its Maharashtra Chapter. Major council members of the Maharashtra chapter have been appointed. Explain that this organization is contributing as an intermediary and capable ally in making easy access to the MSME sector to the schemes and Esetila started by the Government of India.

There are about five million MSME enterprises in the state of Maharashtra. Enterprises from Maharashtra account for about 8 percent of the total MSMEs in the country. The establishment of Maharashtra Chapter by MSME Promotion Council India is timely as the state continues to strengthen its position as one of the prominent economic hubs of the country.

MSME Promotion Council India aims to act as an intermediary and assist MSMEs in Maharashtra under Phad-Access Requirements.

According to an estimate, every year the MSME sector of the state gets their

by the Central Government for the respective Capital Requirements i.e. Puja needs

Fund of Rs 120 crore may be available.

At the launch of the Maharashtra chapter, Vijay Kumar, Chairman, MSME Promotion Council India said, MSME sector contributes around 33% to India's GDP. Through establishment of MSME Promotion Council India, it is our endeavor to provide employment generation opportunities in the state of Maharashtra and bring out the contribution of MSMEs in the development of the country. We have to spread awareness among people about the main role and contribution of this sector.

The economy of the state of Maharashtra is very strong, it plays an important role in the development of the country. We are very happy to have our presence in this state. We are all set to work as a strong partner in the economic progress of the state in the times to come.

Rajendra Gonder (Chairman), Rohit Gupta (Assistant Chairman), Rahul Manen [Assistant Vice Chairman CMT Versatile Group] are some of the key members appointed as part of the Kamil Committee for the Maharashtra chapter, along with other 12 core committee members from various sectors. At present, the first office of MSME Promotion Council India will be set up in Andheri, Mumbai. After this, there is a plan to expand it to other major areas of the state.


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