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Legislative work cannot be stopped due to no-confidence motion: Pralhad Joshi

New Delhi / Countering the opposition parties' allegations of introducing and getting the bill passed despite the notice of no-confidence motion being approved, Union Parliamentary Affairs Minister Pralhad Joshi has said that government business (legislative work) cannot be stopped due to his sudden introduction of no-confidence motion. And as far as the bill is concerned, if the opposition has a majority, then defeat the bill and drop it, then there will be no need for a no-confidence motion, the government will fall on the same day.
He said that the no-confidence motion would be discussed within the time limit and a reply would also be given by the government. We have the majority, we have the numbers. Responding to a question about the opposition leaders going to Manipur, Jogi said that the state government and the local administration there would see where to take them, how to make arrangements, it is not our (central government's) job. He also said that he is talking about the ground report, whereas if there was a discussion in the House, then we would have kept all the reports, milk would have turned into milk and water.

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