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Heritage train will run again in the valleys of Kalakund, tourists will have to go till Patalpani

Indore/ 35 km away from Indore, tourists will be able to see the Dudhiya waterfall and the green fields of Kalakund Patalpani falling in the mountain chasm surrounded by fog. Preparations are on to start operating the heritage train in August. Due to gauge conversion from Mhow to Palatpani, the old line has been removed from the 5.5 kilometer stretch. Because of this, the train could not start despite the arrival of the rainy season, while the demand for running the train continuously is rising.
Heritage train will start running on Patalpani Kalakund trek from next month, but for this, tourists will have to board the train from Patalpani instead of Mhow. Due to gauge conversion, the track has been removed from Mhow to Kalakund. Now the maintenance of heritage train running from Patalpani instead of Mhow has been completed. Pit line is also almost ready. The train can operate three days a week from the month of August. Will be able to travel in tourist train from Friday to Sunday. This train will run from Patalpani to Kalakund in a stretch of 10 km.

Travel from Mhow to Patalpani by bus

The railway department is feeling that passengers will be less if the train is operated from Patalpani instead of Mhow. MP Shankar Lalwani said that after the announcement of train operation, bus service will be started from Mhow to Patalpani. Tourists can also reach Palatpani by their own vehicles.

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