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Greenery is visible all around due to water reaching the fields from the canal

There will be increase in the income of farmers, there will be happiness, prosperity and prosperity.

Dantewara /As per the intention of Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel, new schemes are being expanded in the field of agriculture to improve the economy of the farmers. So that they can get more profit. For this, the district administration is also trying, under the guidance of collector Vineet Nandanwar, the work of canal construction in village Gumda of Dantewada development block is in full progress.

The work of canal lining is in progress under the diversion plan, the cost of which is Rs 687.84 lakh. Due to this irrigation facility has been created in 04 villages in 1520 tractor days. Due to which around 139 persons are getting benefitted. In the said plan, the total length of the main canal is 12,120 meters. and in which 04 branch canals. The length of Guma branch canal is 1860 meters, the length of Balpet branch canal-1 is 960 meters, the length of Balapet branch canal-2 is 780 meters and the length of Bhaironband branch canal is 1440 meters. From January to April 10, 2023, 07 meters of water was made available for irrigation for Rabi crops under the scheme. This will also increase the yield of paddy. Increase in the productivity of the crop will increase the income of the farmer.

There is joy in the farmers connected with the canals. About 400 farmers will get direct benefit from this. After the arrival of water, now the problem of drought has also ended, while production will increase due to availability of irrigation facility from time to time. Farmers have got a lot of relief under the irrigation scheme by the state government. The fields are now getting plenty of water for irrigation through the canal. It is the result of the efforts of the government and the administration to increase the income of the farmers that positive results are being received today. Now whether it is Kharif, greenery is visible in the crop fields.

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