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Farmers are taking more production by using vermi compost

Korea /Farmers are getting double benefit by joining the state government's ambitious Godhan Nyaya Yojana. Under this scheme, on the one hand, farmers doing animal husbandry are earning cash income by selling cow dung, while on the other hand, they are making their farming more profitable by using compost made with better quality.

Farmer descendants of Navari gram panchayat associated with Gauchan Nyaya Yojana tell that last year on the advice of the local agriculture officer, they started using farmyard manure in their fields. At first he was afraid that he would not know how the production of the crop would be, but after sowing he got about fifteen to twenty percent more production. Similarly, Udar, a resident of Baina village of District Panchayat Khadgawan, says that due to reducing the use of chemical fertilizers, diseases are less in the crop. He told that ever since he started using verma compost, the taste of the vegetables grown in his farm has improved. Similarly, Manoj Kumar and Dashrath Singh of Khadgawa also increased crop production by using vermi compost, which has improved their economic condition

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