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Farmers and animal herders were encouraged to stop

Korea / Deputy Director of Veterinary Services Korea told that from July 6 to 17, Roka Cheka campaign was organized in Korea and MCB district. Self-help groups, Gauthan Management Committees, villagers, farmers, cattle herders were encouraged to stop animals by organizing sit-ins in Gothans of the district under Roka Chheka Abhiyan. So that the crops sown in the rainy season can be protected from animals and human and animal lives can be prevented from accidents on the road.

He told that under the campaign, free veterinary camps were also organized in Gothans by the department. In which the animals of the farmers and animal herders were treated, castrated, artificially inseminated and medicines were distributed as per the requirement. In this campaign, free veterinary camps were organized in 81 cowsheds of Korea district and 85 cowsheds of MCB district and a meeting was held with the villagers and cowshed management committees. A total of 7060 animals were brought to this camp, in which 893 animals were treated and 6178 animals were vaccinated (Malav Ek Giya). Along with this, 3975 medicine distribution, 2920 deworming and 06 pan para urea treatments were performed.

An appeal has been made to the farmers and cattle herders to keep their animals at home till the harvesting and transport of crops and bring them in maximum number to Gothans for grazing and fodder water and take advantage of free veterinary services

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