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Divyang killed by crushing his head with a stone, dead body found on the roadside....

Case of Muzgahan police station area

Raipur / Someone has killed a middle-aged disabled person in the capital. The killer escaped by throwing his dead body in an open place on the side of the road. In this incident that took place on July 7, the police have now registered a case of murder after getting information from forensic experts. First the news of getting the dead body came to the police, in the initial investigation it is now clear that this is a case of murder.

This incident is of Kamal Bihar Sabzi Mandi coming under Muzgahan police station area. Here the police have got the body of a person of about 45 to 50 years. Crushed his head and face with the stone that took his life. No document was also found from the deceased, his identity could not be ascertained. Police is now running a search operation in the surrounding area. The killer or the evidence related to him is being searched. In the investigation of the dead body, it was found that one leg of the deceased was weak, his wrist had also been broken in an accident.

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