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Death of calves in Parpa Kanji House, Santosh on the verge of deathBafna

Stopped the contract, told Pojana a flop, demanded strict action against the culprits

Jagdalpur/ Two calves had died of hunger and thirst in the village Parpa Kazi House run by the Jagdalpur Municipal Corporation. On this incident, many cow service organizations of the city have questioned the arrangement of Kazi House on the corporation administration. At the same time, on this incident, former MLA of the area and BJP leader Santosh Bafna has written a letter to the District Collector demanding strict action against the culprits.

Let us tell you that after the death of two calves in village Parcha Kanji House, it has been learned from the post-mortem report of the dead cattle done before the local authorities that due to lack of necessary arrangements in the Kanji House during the rainy season, both the major pneumonia. Along with being alive, he was hungry and thirsty for a long time. During the post-mortem in his stomach, instead of fodder-water, only plastic membrane, paper and other waste caused the infection to spread.

Said to be the cause of death.

Mentioning the incident, former MLA Bafna has said in his letter that this is not the first case of death of cows in village Parapakaji House. Question marks have been raised earlier also on the maintenance of this knee house. But due to lack of necessary arrangements in the Kazi House, no concrete action has been taken on the death of cows so far, negligence is being taken by the responsible persons. On the one hand, the Congress government of the state continuously talks about running various schemes to improve the condition of cows, but the ground reality of their schemes is in front of the public. Where the Gauthan Yojana is in a bad condition at the Panchayat level, the Roka Chheka Yojana in the cities has completely failed at the ground level. Cows are being kept in Kanji House to save crops in the fields, where Badami and Dhara are dying due to lack of water supply. On the other hand, many other cows which are left in Koli House are also in bad condition and are lying in a dying condition. The condition of the cows kept in this Qazi House of Municipal Corporation has become so bad that they are dying continuously due to lack of care. For how many days the cows tied up in Qazi House are hungry, whether they have been given four water treatment etc., the people's representatives of Chur Congress in Rajmad have nothing to do with the plight of the cows.

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