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Blast in Tajia due to high tension wire, 4 dead, many serious

Bokaro / Mourning processions are being taken out across the country today on Muharram. Meanwhile, the news of a major accident has come to light from Bokaro in Jharkhand. Tajiya procession being taken out on Muharram in Bokaro in the grip of high tension wire

Came and blasted. Many people got badly burnt in this accident. So far 4 people have died due to electrocution while the condition of 9 people is said to be serious.

According to the information received, the incident took place in Khatko of Bermo area of ​​Bokar at around 6 am on Saturday morning. Hundreds of people were taking out Tazia procession here. Meanwhile, Tazia came in contact with 11000 volt wire. Due to which there was a blast of cumin in the battery kept in the procession and its surrounding

There was chaos after the accident

taken to thermal hospital. Four people have been confirmed dead in the accident.

While 9 people are said to be badly injured.

Many people who came were badly injured. Due to this accident, there was widespread panic here for a long time. DVC Bokaro to treat those injured in the accident with the help of local people

Commotion of people in the hospital

After the accident, there was an uproar in the hospital for some time, people who arrived with rice did not have an ambulance and after misbehavior, people also created ruckus. However, later the seriously injured people have been referred to the Higher Center.

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