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BJP leader's possession of government land worth 150 crores in Bhopal Digvijay

Bhopal / Former Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Digvijay Singh has made a big allegation against Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan. He has said that while claims were being made to free government land from encroachment, on the same stage, a corporator's husband was sitting who has encroached on government land worth 150 crores in Neelbad area of ​​the capital.

Dil has written a letter to Chief Minister Chouhan saying, during the general meeting, it has been told by the local residents of Bhopal district that Dr. Ambedkar Ward Ward no. In 26, at a Bhoomipujan ceremony, there was talk of getting 23,000 acres of government land from Neelbarh to the entire state free from encroachment by land mafia.

In this program itself, the government land worth crores of rupees has been illegally encroached upon by Virendra Singh Maran, councilor husband of BJP's Dard Q. 84, sitting on the dais in Neelbandh area of ​​Bhopal. This question is arising in the mind of the public, does the illegal occupation of government land by the leaders of your party not come under the category of land mafia?

The former Chief Minister has further written in his letter, the local residents have told that BJP's ward no. 84 councilor husband Virendra Singh Charan and his family government land Khasra no. 150 which is given by the government for cow and measles no. It is recorded in the revenue records in the name of 141 pastures, due to political patronage by Maran and his family members, shops, petrol pumps and markets etc. have been built on the said land.

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