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Ajit is with Shiv Sena-BJP or in opposition?

Mumbai/ There is an upheaval in the politics of Maharashtra. Maharashtra Assembly Speaker said that he is still not able to understand whether the Nationalist Congress Party is a part of the Shiv Sena-BJP or is in the opposition. The NCP leader had joined NCP a day earlier along with some of his MLAs.
Jayant Patil tried to disqualify

Assembly Speaker Rahul Narvekar organized a press conference on Monday evening. During this, he said that his office has not received any petition regarding the party split so far. I do not yet know whether the NCP has joined the state government or is still in opposition. I will see it first and only then will I be able to take a decision. I received a petition by NCP MLA Jayant Patil, seeking disqualification of eight MLAs, including Ajit Pawar, who took oath as ministers. Apart from this, no written documents have been found from any other leader.

Will be able to say something only after investigation

In the press conference, he said that I have not received many petitions regarding the split of the party.

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