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Workers of Hukamchand Mill adamant on taking interest of Rs 88 crore, Housing Board will not be able to pay

Indore/ Consensus is not being made between the Housing Board and the laborers in the Hukamchand Mill case, hearing is going on in the High Court

In the Hukamchand Mill case, the Housing Board and the Municipal Corporation are ready to pay the laborers their dues of Rs 174 crore, but there is a contradiction regarding the interest on this amount. The matter was heard in the High Court on Monday.

The Housing Board says that a lot of money will have to be spent on developing the mill land and bringing the project there, while the workers are demanding an interest of Rs 88 crore on this amount. It is not possible for the Housing Board to pay interest on the outstanding amount as apart from paying Rs 174 crore to the laborers, it will also have to share the profit from the project with the Municipal Corporation. On Monday, the government told the court that the issue of interest is under discussion. The court will continue hearing in this matter on Tuesday as well.

This is what the workers have to say

The workers of the mill are demanding interest for the period from the closure of the mill till the handover of the mill's possession to the liquidator. On the other hand, Housing is only ready to pay Rs 174 crore dues of mill workers. The workers say that since the mill was handed over to the liquidator, they are ready to waive the interest till date.

unsold land

5895 mill workers and their relatives have been going through the courts for many years for their rights. Hukamchand Mill was closed on 12 December 1991. Since then the workers are troubled. There was a plan to pay the arrears of the laborers by selling the land of the mill but the land could not be sold. Now the Municipal Corporation has taken the initiative to bring housing and commercial projects on this land through the Housing Board. Now there is no agreement between the laborers and the Housing Board on the payment of interest.

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