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US - Taiwan: America's big step to deal with China, Taiwan approves $ 330 million arms sale

New Delhi/ The Defense Security Cooperation Agency of the US Department of Defense on Thursday approved the Foreign Military Sales (FMS) at an estimated cost of $3322 million. Under this, arms are to be sold to Taiwan. It is believed that America has taken this decision to deal with China's arbitrary attitude in South Asia. The weapons package included 30mm ammunition, spare parts for wheeled vehicles and other items, an agency statement said. This is the 10th package of arms sales to Taiwan during the tenure of US President Joe Biden.
Information has been given to the US Congress about the deal
"The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has decided to approve the potential foreign military sale of 30mm ammunition and related equipment to the Economic and Cultural Representative Office of Taipei in the United States at an estimated cost of $3322 million," the agency said in a statement. The Department's Defense Security Cooperation Agency said in a statement, "The Defense Security Cooperation Agency today provided the required certification notifying Congress of this potential sale.

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