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Two gates of Johila Dam opened, to see the beautiful view of the waterfall in Sanjay Gandhi Thermal Power StationArrived People

Umaria / Happiness is visible on the faces of farmers after continuous rains in Umaria district. At the same time, a relieving news has also come. The administration has released water by opening two gates of Johila Dam. At the same time, to see this charming sight, tourists from far and wide are also reaching with their families. Where you are also enjoying this charming view.
Water has also been released by opening two gates of Johila Dam at Sanjay Gandhi Thermal Power Station at Mangathar in Pali development block at 7:30 pm on Wednesday. At the same time, tourists along with their families are also reaching Sanjay Gandhi Thermal Power Station Mangathar to see. At the same time, the officers and employees of the management are also continuously monitoring all these for opening the gates and releasing the water.

Along with this, its line is also being determined continuously from the point of view of security. On the other hand, while giving information, Security Officer SP Sahu has told that while last year till now all the gates were opened, but this year only two gates have been opened due to less rainfall. Tourists are coming to see this beautiful sight and are also enjoying it.

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