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Train Accident: Railway will not make public the CRS investigation report of Balasore accident

New Delhi/ At the beginning of this month, a big news has come to the fore regarding the train accident in Balasore district of Odisha. Railways has refused to make public the investigation report of this accident. In fact, the Commission of Railway Safety (CRS) probing the accident had submitted its report to the Railway Board, after which today i.e. on Friday the Railways has made it clear that it will not make public the CRS investigation report on the triple train accident. Railway has also given the reason behind this. Senior officials of the department told that this has been done because. So as to ensure that there is no interference with the ongoing CBI investigation in the matter.
While there is no official confirmation, some sources said that the Commission of Railway Safety (CRS) in its report said that the accident occurred due to human error on the part of signaling and telecommunication department as well as on duty officials in traffic. According to sources, the officials failed to follow the standard operating procedure laid down for train operation.

“We will not reveal anything on the CRS report as another independent CBI probe is underway,” said a senior official. We have to ensure that this report does not affect or interfere with other reports in any way. We will take cognizance of both the reports and make an overall assessment of the incident and then take whatever steps are necessary. CRS AM Chaudhary of South Eastern Region, who is investigating the accident, submitted his report to the Railway Board on Thursday. On Friday, top board officials refused to comment on the report.

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