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Tigers taking bath in pond to get relief from heat

Umariya /In Madhya Pradesh these days the outbreak of heat continues continuously. The heat is seen breaking all its records in the tribal zone Umaria district. There is a huge forest of Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve in Umaria district, but in spite of that it is getting very hot here. Wildlife is running towards the water to get relief from the scorching heat. Tigers, the king of the jungle, are also very troubled by the heat, to get relief from the scorching sun and humid heat, tigers are seen leaving their territory and camping on the banks of the pond. Recently, a video of two tigers is going viral on social media, in which two tigers are seen entering a small puddle filled with water. To avoid the heat, tigers are getting relief by staying submerged for hours in such pits filled with water.
Leaving the worry of hunting in the scorching heat, tigers are seen taking rest by drowning in water.

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