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The area under Kharif crops will increase by one lakh hectare in the state this year.

Raipur / Scattered sowing of Kharif crops has started in the state. This year, there is a target of increasing the Kharif area by about one lakh hectare. Kharif crops were sown in 47 lakh 18 thousand hectare in the state in the last kharif, which is targeted to be increased to 48 lakh 20 thousand hectare this year. The area under paddy has been reduced from 39 lakh hectare to 36 lakh hectare, instead cultivation of millets, pulses and oilseeds will be promoted. The area under cultivation of other crops will also be increased by about one lakh hectare as compared to last year.

According to the target set for crop-wise cultivation in the state in Kharif year 2023, there is to be a reduction of 3 lakh 14 thousand hectare in paddy cultivation in the state and an increase of about 15 thousand hectare in paddy planting area. There is a target to increase the area under maize from one lakh 92 thousand hectare to 2 lakh 40 thousand hectare, millets (kodo-kutki, ragi) from 96 thousand hectare to one lakh 60 thousand hectare. Similarly, by increasing the area of ​​Arhar and Urad by 50 thousand hectare each, their area is to be increased to one lakh 40 thousand hectare and one lakh 70 thousand hectare respectively. The target has been fixed for sowing pulses in 2 lakh 9 thousand hectare by increasing the area of ​​pulse crops by 83 thousand hectare. Apart from cereals, pulses and oilseed crops, the area under cultivation of other crops in the state is to be increased from one lakh 57 thousand hectare to 2 lakh 50 thousand hectare.

Fertilizer-seeds to the farmers of the state for Kharif crops the Agriculture Department for timely availability of fertilizers and seeds to the farmers of the state. Apart from storage of fertilizers and seeds in double lock and cooperative societies, their distribution is also being done to the farmers. Keeping in view the requirement of 12.19 lakh metric tonnes of chemical fertilizers in the state this year, till now 10.08 lakh metric tonnes of fertilizers have been stored in cooperative and private sectors. Four lakh metric tonnes of fertilizers have also been distributed to the farmers for Kharif crops, which is about 37 percent of the fertilizer stock.

Keeping in mind the target of 10.18 lakh quintals of certified seeds for Kharif season 2023, it is being rapidly stored and distributed according to the demand of the farmers. By storing 4.12 lakh quintal seeds in the state, 1.04 lakh quintal seeds have been distributed to the farmers so far, which is 25 percent of the seed storage.

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