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Sensex reached all time high level of 63,588.

New Delhi/ Trading started on the green mark in the domestic stock market on Wednesday. During this, the Sensex was seen trading at a level of 63,467.46 points with a gain of 139.76 (0.22%) points. At the same time, Nifty was trading at the level of 18,825.15 with a gain of 8.45 (0.045%) points. However, after opening on the green mark, the market crossed the Sensex all-time high in a short time and reached the level of 63588. Nifty is also trading above 18850. Nifty is also close to its record high. PM Modi is on America tour today, in such a situation, investors will keep an eye on the movement of the stock market today.

Talking about the journey of Sensex from the year 2014 till now, the Sensex which was at the level of 21,222.19 in January 2014 has reached its all-time high level of 63588.31 in 2023. The previous all-time high of the Sensex was 63,583.07, the level it reached in December 2022.

Nifty also reached near all time high

A decade back, the Nifty was struggling to even reach the 6000 mark. After 10 years, in December 2022, the same Nifty reached close to 18900. Although after this the weakness was again recorded in the market, but once again it seems to be trading at the same level. The market cap of 50 stocks of Nifty has increased to Rs 14,920,255.38 crore. Nifty has registered a stupendous growth of 211% during the last one decade.

FII's return to the market strengthened

S Ranganathan, Head of Research, LKP Securities, said S Ranganathan, Head of Research, LKP Securities, said the benchmark indices hit new highs today on sustained increase in capital expenditure by the Government of India along with rising PMI of manufacturing sector.

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