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Robber bride caught before running away after robbing her husband, police also arrested her accomplices

Guna /The police have arrested the robber bride and her gang members in Guna. This robber bride was trying to run away after robbing her husband just a few days after the marriage. The husband got a clue of this and he put the bride and her companions behind the bars.
According to the information, the case of the arrest of the robber bride and her companions has come to the fore under the city police station of Guna. She was married by taking money from a young man living in Guna. The bride also stayed at her in-laws house for 10-12 days. She also planned to elope with her alleged brother, but her husband had already come to know about the entire planning. The bride left the house to go to the fair. She was about to run away from the fair with her alleged brother on a bike when her husband and companions caught both of them. Both were caught and handed over to the police.
Please tell that the 36-year-old youth living on the city's Haat Road was not married. The family members were looking for a girl for him. Discussions took place at many places, but the matter did not materialise. The young man's younger brother told that one day Jitu Pal and Amit Rajput came to my house in Guna. They said that we have heard that you want to marry your elder brother. He told that he is the brother of the girl and is a resident of village Bijrauni, district Shivpuri, near Badarwas. Come and see our sister whenever you want. We want to get married soon because our sister is a widow and we have no parents. There is also a 6-7 month old baby girl with the sister, you have to accept that too.

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