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Photos of devastation due to Biparjoy storm: Electric poles and trees were uprooted, many houses were also damaged, deaths also occurred

New Delhi/ After wreaking havoc in Gujarat, Cyclone Biparjoy has now moved towards Rajasthan. This cyclonic storm hit the Jakhau coast on Thursday evening. Meanwhile, heavy storm and rain caused heavy damage in Gujarat. Its effect was seen in eight districts of Kutch-Saurashtra. Alam is that due to this storm there is power failure in more than thousand villages. Hundreds of trees and electric poles have been uprooted. Many houses have also been damaged. Two people died in Bhavnagar due to the storm, while overall more than 22 people were injured. Let us know how much and what was the impact of this storm in Gujarat? What will happen next?
First know where is the storm now?
Biparjoy has moved towards Rajasthan after hitting the Gujarat coast. It will enter Rajasthan like a depression weather system. During this, 10 to 20 cm of rain is expected in many areas. According to the Meteorological Department, there will be heavy rains on Friday in many areas of South-West Rajasthan along with Gujarat. The storm is expected to weaken by Friday afternoon. However, its effect can be seen in Rajasthan even on Saturday. On Sunday, there may be rain in parts of East Rajasthan, adjoining Haryana, Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh.
It is still raining in Gujarat Gujarat
is still receiving heavy rains due to the cyclone. In Kutch, Mandvi, Naliya, Narayan Sarovar, Jakhau Bunder, Mundra and Gandhidham, Ahmedabad are receiving heavy rains across the state. Winds are blowing at a speed of 90 to 125 kmph. There is no electricity in the entire Mandvi since 18 hours. People are troubled by this.

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