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Parliament on Manipur violenceTMC MP writes letter demanding immediate calling of Standing Committee meeting

New Delhi / All India Trinamool Congress MP Derek O'Brien has demanded an immediate meeting of the Standing Committee on Home Affairs of Parliament to discuss the Manipur violence. The TMC MP has written a letter to the Chairman of the Standing Committee regarding this. It has been written in this letter that the situation in Manipur is continuously deteriorating, in such a situation this issue should be discussed immediately.
TMC MP wrote a letter
Derek O'Brien wrote in a letter to BJP MP Brijlal, Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee on Home Affairs, that 'the recent incidents of violence in Manipur are raising concerns about the safety of people living in that area. It is being told in the reports that many have died and thousands of people have been displaced. Shoot at sight orders have been issued, due to which there is an atmosphere of panic in the state. In such a situation, it has become imperative that we understand the ground situation and analyze the situation of violence, therefore a meeting of the Standing Committee of Parliament on Manipur violence should be convened. ,

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