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Now if Patwari does not return to work, he will lose his job

Raipur / Patwaris' strike has completed 30 days. The government imposed ESMA, but that too had no effect. As a result, the entire work of revenue has come to a standstill. Neither demarcation is happening nor income, caste, residence certificates are being made. These documents are required for admission in higher education and the admissions are about to start, so the students taking admission are also worried.

Even after imposing ESMA on June 7, the government has not acted strictly. Questioned Revenue Secretary NN Ekka in this regard that when ESMA was imposed and still the Patwaris are on strike, what does it mean. The secretary said - the last chance was given. If you don't return to work now, you will lose your job. Talk over.

The revenue work in the district has come to a complete standstill due to the Patwaris' strike. Due to their strike, more than 10 types of works including demarcation, nomination income, caste, residence certificate, partition have been completely affected.
Governance-administration against Patwaris after imposing ESMA to call off the strike instead of taking strict action by
been waiting. This upset the general public
Is happening Patwari Sangh on Wednesday regarding its demands Also met Revenue Secretary NN Ekka. late night
The meeting continued till then, but nothing came out of it.
8015 revenue cases are pending in Raipur itself Talking about Raipur district itself, 8015 revenue cases were pending, in which 84 cases have been rejected. At present, hearing of 7931 cases could not be done and the date of new appearance was given. On the other hand, if we talk about the registration office, since May 15, more than 3400 hundred properties have been registered. In this, the work of repairing the land records has been completely stopped. According to the rules of the government itself, the registered property should be renamed within a week. Even the cases of demarcation and division have to be completed before the rains, which is not happening.

Raipur Patwari Union President Kamlesh Tiwari said that we have met the Revenue Secretary on Wednesday as well. Union meeting is going on regarding ending the strike, but no decision has been taken yet.

Revenue Secretary N. N Ekka said that a meeting was held with the Patwaris. Some of their demands are not acceptable. They have been told to follow their own path, the government will now take a tough decision. He was given time even after applying ESMA, but now the time is over.

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