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Nauradehi and Rani Durgavati Sanctuary will be the seventh tiger reserve of the state, proposal approved

Damoh/ Madhya Pradesh is going to get another tiger reserve and the biggest thing is that after a lot of efforts, the proposal to create a new tiger reserve by joining Nauradehi Sanctuary and Damoh's Rani Durgavati Wildlife Sanctuary has been approved. Probably its official announcement may also happen next month. This will be called the second tiger reserve after Panna Tiger Reserve in Bundelkhand and the biggest contribution will be of Nauradehi's tigresses Radha and Kishan who populated the wolf forest with tigers.
Seventh Tiger Reserve of Madhya Pradesh
It is being told that this will be the seventh tiger reserve to be built in the state, which is dedicated to Rani Durgavati. The Tiger Reserve can also be named after Rani Durgavati, although no official information regarding the name has been revealed yet.
In this regard, Damoh DFO Mahendra Singh Uike has told that the proposal was sent from the district level to the state government and then the proposal was sent from the state level to the central government, which has been approved by the government. With this new tiger reserve, Madhya Pradesh will also become the state with the largest number of tiger reserves in the country. Here, after the declaration of Tiger Reserve, there will be many changes in Nauradehi. Which will make this new fledgling Tiger Reserve the most special.
Efforts were going on for a long time
 the state government had sent a proposal to the National Tiger Conservation Authority to make a huge tiger reserve by combining Nauradehi and Rani Durgavati Wildlife Sanctuary. This proposal was approved after a long intensive 
the sanctuary
Rani Durgavati Sanctuary of Damoh district is known for its special biodiversity. Here there are natural water sources, high hills, dense forests and sufficient wildlife for wildlife. Rani Durgavati Sanctuary extends up to Jabera and Tendukheda blocks.
Nauradehi is special because
The Nauradehi Wildlife Sanctuary was at the forefront of the race for the new Tiger Reserve. There are many reasons for this. The first reason is the bio diversity here, which makes it different from other sanctuaries and tiger reserves.
The area may be 2339 sq km.
After getting approval from NTC to make Nauradehi and Rani Durgavati Wildlife Sanctuary a new Tiger Reserve, discussion is going on about its total area, number of tigers etc. According to sources, the area of ​​this tiger reserve consisting of Nauradehi and Rani Durgavati Wildlife Sanctuary can be 2339 square kilometers or more. Dozens of tigers can easily live in such an area.
Tourism will get a boost
With the new Tiger Reserve, the breeding of tigers will be done in a better way. Along with this, arrangements will also be made regarding tourism in the reserve area. Presently tourism facility SPIN is available only in some areas of Nauradehi where hardly any tourists reach.

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