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Monkeys made water tank a swimming pool, jumped and took bath to get relief from the heat, funny video went viral

Damoh/ People suffering from the scorching heat are now eagerly waiting for the monsoon. Along with the common people, wild animals and birds have also become helpless due to the heat. While people are resorting to coolers, fans and ACs to get relief from the heat, wildlife is getting relief from the heat in its own way. Recently, a video of two monkeys has surfaced, in which they are seen jumping and bathing in a water tank to get relief from the heat.

The video of these monkeys taking bath in a tank in Damoh is going viral on social media, people are liking the antics of monkeys. Seeing the video, it can be guessed that how hot the heat is getting, due to which the monkeys are resorting to water instead of climbing trees to get relief. One monkey takes a bath inside the water tank, while the other waits for it to come out.

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