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Love is the basis of life

The time in this vast life is spent so intensely that there is no chance to live life, in this busy life, every person is busy somewhere, he does not know the value of life, he does not want to achieve happiness. For from childhood it reaches the stage of youth, still it is lacking. The reason for happiness in life is love. Love is such a feeling that gives happiness to the mind. This feeling arises when we are as we are. Everything is fine, the person who wants more is never happy, even if he is better than others, he keeps cursing himself by comparing himself with others, today no person is completely happy in this world because today Also, by comparing yourself with others, you understand yourself less, but if you see, you are the one who loves yourself the most in this whole world. The feeling of love is present in every living being, it is only necessary that love has the power to refine it. By which you can understand someone's pain and get rid of it, this life is very big, but we should know how to live it, it is necessary to do good deeds with love, if you want to love, then compare yourself with yourself. don't because everything will be created by god serves a greater purpose. Don't let your precious life go in vain. Live happily, share love and be happy because if you are happy here, the person in front of you will smile. Love has power. just need to understand
Editor - Nirjala Gupta 

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