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Devotees will throng Baba's city in the month of Sawan, in 10 formsMahakal will give darshan

Ujjain/ The month of Sawan is considered best for devotion to Lord Bholenath. Devotees of Bholenath try to please God by doing Jalabhishek, Dugdhabhishek and fasting, though once in every three years Purushottam i.e. Adhikamas comes, but this time after 19 years in the month of Sawan such a great coincidence is coming, when this Adhikamas will come in the month of Savan and this time devotees will be able to worship Lord Bholenath for a total of 59 days. Like every year, this year also lakhs of devotees will arrive in the religious city of Ujjain to have darshan, worship and seek the blessings of one of the world famous Baba Mahakal, one of the twelve Jyotirlingas. By the way, every festival held in the temple is unique, but in the month of Shravan Bhado, Baba Mahakal whom the people of Ujjain consider as the king. He would go on city tour 10 times to know the condition of his subjects. This year the month of Shravan will start from 4th July and will continue till 30th August. During this, there will be maximum month for the whole two months. With two Shravan months, the number of Shravan Mondays has increased from 4 to 8. After this, Lord Mahakal's ride will be taken out on the first 2 Mondays of Bhadau. In this way, this time a total of 10 rides of Lord Mahakal will emerge.10 in 1985 and 11 in the year 2004. Famous astrologer Pandit Anandshankar Vyas of Savaria city told that after 19 years such a great coincidence has come, when more months are coming in the month of Shravan, due to which the situation of two Shravan has been created. He told that in 1985 also, 10 rides were taken out from the Mahakaleshwar temple on the arrival of Adhikamas in Shravan, while in 2004, a total of 11 rides were taken out due to a similar coincidence. Like in the past, 10 rides of Rajadhiraj Baba Mahakal will be taken out, following the traditions, this year too.
it is believed that the Lord is visiting the city to inquire about the well-being of his devotees. This tradition is not very old. It was started by the Scindia dynasty. During the princely period, Ujjain was influenced by the Scindia dynasty. At that time the scholars of Scindia family started this tradition to reduce the distance between God and the devotees, which has taken a grand form today. Even today, in the last ride of Mahakal, one or the other member of the Scindia family definitely comes to perform the aarti of Baba Mahakal.

Baba Mahakal's ride will come out on this day
Second ride 17 July 2023
3rd ride 24 July 2023
4th ride 31 July 2023 
5th Ride 7th August 2023
Sixth Ride 14 August 2023 
Seventh Ride 21 August 2023
First ride 10 July 2023 
Eighth ride 28 August 2023

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