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Deed is contained in the reality of life

Every living being on earth is known because of his deeds. deed is such an action which goes on continuously whether we do or do not do whether it is good or bad. It is called deed. It is said that deed itself. Worship is that which is your work, duty is right, if you fulfill them, then this is called your deed. Religion is the feeling that holds an important place in every person's life.
Every person should pay special attention to his deeds because the result is determined according to the deeds. You should do the best work in your life. It is said that what you give will come back to you. What you do in your life, that is the reality of your life. In life, a person should do selfless work without worrying about the result, feeling sad when unsuccessful and feeling happy when successful, this is considered true deed. The reality of life makes us feel sick when the deeds done by us are seen pushing our life towards darkness, at the same time a person should give up his bad deeds.
doing bad deeds comes inside you when you have ego, anger. Greed dominates like jealousy, when emotions dominate inside you, then we are forced to do bad deeds and the bad deeds done by us hinder us in moving forward in future, our personality gets the name of miscreant. It goes that we should bring feelings from within, now we should leave the demerit and do the best work. Your personality is your actions.
Editor - Nirjala Gupta 

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