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Cow fell in 80 feet deep canal

Rajgarh/ Mohanpura Dam, one of the irrigated projects of Rajgarh district, was inaugurated in the year 2018 by the Prime Minister of the country, Narendra Modi himself. Due to this, a pump house has been constructed in Rojaya village for the arrangement of irrigation in the rural areas coming under the area. A canal has also been made for the supply of water, but about two to three kilometers of the canal has been left open, which is 50 feet wide and 80 feet deep. But in some parts no arrangements were made for security.

For this reason, a cow wandering in the village became unbalanced and fell down in the open canal and survived, on which the villagers caught sight of it and to get it out, they risked their lives since Tuesday morning to get it out of the canal. Appeared After about two to three hours of hard work, the villagers took the cow out.

Gram Panchayat Sarpanch Jagdish Dangi said, the canal is about 80-90 feet deep and its length is two to three kilometers. The width is about 50 feet, in order to make security arrangements, the Water Resources Department and the district administration have also been informed in the past. But security measures were not taken. By the grace of God the cow remained safe even after the fall, but if a human falls into it, a major accident can happen.

Along with this, he told that the work of deepening of the pond located in the village was done by the Water Resources Department, in which the land of 40 to 50 villagers got submerged. There is no proper way available to go there, they have also informed the Water Resources Department, SDM and Tehsildar through a written application for the same. But there too he was not heard. There is no way to go to the pond which was deepened for irrigation in the village.

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