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Conflict between two tigers over territory, N-2 tiger injured, veterinary doctor doing treatment

Sagar / In the state's largest Nauradehi Sanctuary, for the first time in five years, there was a conflict between tigers over the territory. There was a fierce fight between Tiger N-2 and N-3 in Nauradehi. N-2 Tiger Kishan is injured in this. Doctors are treating him.
It is being told that this is the first time after shifting in 2018, when there has been a fight between tigers over territory in Nauradehi Sanctuary. At present there are 16 tigers in Nauradehi Sanctuary. Devaram Malik, SDO of Nauradehi Forest Division, told that there was a fighting between N two and N 3 tigers in Nauradehi Sanctuary, although the matter seems to be four-five days back. Which came to know yesterday. Some claw marks were found on the face of Tiger N2, there are also some wounds. He is being treated by a doctor from Panna Tiger Reserve and a local veterinary doctor.

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