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CM Bhupesh said – need to understand his chronology; 45 crore gift to GPM

Gaurela-Pendra-Marwahi/Chhattisgarh Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel said that nowadays Hanuman ji is in big discussion. Such words are being invoked from Hanuman ji, which even he cannot imagine. There is a need to understand the chronology. The CM said that Maryada Purushottam Ram was presented as a warrior. Now how to present Hanuman ji. Hanuman ji is the god of knowledge, devotion, power. This is what people ask of him, but he has been made an angry bird. Chief Minister Baghel is on a one-day visit to GPM district on Monday. During this, he gifted development works worth 45 crores to the district.
May God give wisdom to the person who wrote the script. 
CM Baghel said without taking the name of 'Adipurush' that now the movie has come. Earlier, dignity was taken care of. Now the limit has been crossed. Your oil, your cloth.. and don't know what they were told. This is playing with our ideals and faith. How the mood of the society is slowly being diverted. Lord Rama was always calm. They never got angry, but in their flags they are always seen ready for war. Our Ram is Maryada Purushottam Ram, Kaushalya's Ram, Bhancha Ram. God bless whoever wrote the script.
The gift of these development works
Inauguration of 35 development works worth about Rs 17 crore in Pendra Press Club premises

• Bhoomipujan of 22 new development works worth more than Rs 27 crore 62 lakh

• Gift of 57 development works worth Rs 44 crore 61 lakh

• Inauguration of 35 development works worth Rs 16 crore 99 lakh

• Bhoomipujan of 22 works worth Rs 27 crore 62 lakh is included.

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