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Bajrang Dal workers reached to protest at Palasia police stationbaton-charged

Indore/ The police chased away the Bajrang Dal activists who came to the Palasia police station to protest against the case lodged against them. The workers who came to submit the memorandum suddenly became furious and started blocking the vehicles on the road. After this, the police also adopted a strict attitude and lathi-charged. Many workers have been hurt in this.
Bajrang Dal has launched a campaign against pubs in Indore. Police has registered a case against some workers in this matter. Bajrang Dal workers gathered at Palasia police station on Thursday night to protest against him.
Prior notice of the performance was also given. A large number of workers gathered at the police station in the night and did a chakkajam. Officials say that no senior officer had come to receive the memorandum. First the officers tried to convince the officials, but when they did not agree, then the police started lathi-charge.

After this there was chaos. Activists ran hither and thither to escape from the baton of the police. The workers who were caught by the police. He was thrashed fiercely. There is anger among the office bearers due to the lathi charge of the police. Bajrang Dal's department minister Rajesh Bijwe told that illegal drugs are being sold in the pubs of the city.

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