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America said a big thing before PM Modi's visit, China will get irritated!

New Delhi/ PM Modi's US tour Before US State Department spokesman Matthew Miller (US State Department spokesperson Matthew Miller) has given such a statement, which can irritate. These days America is busy preparing for PM Modi's visit.
mention of the Indian Pacific Ocean
US State Department spokesman Matthew Miller has said in his statement that our partnership with India is most important. We are working together with India in many areas and India has an important role in keeping the Indian Pacific Ocean region free, prosperous and self-reliant. In fact, China is trying to increase its dominance in the Indian Pacific Ocean region. India is the only country which has stopped China in this area and can stop it even further. This is the reason why China is worried about the deepening friendship between India and America.
America is busy preparing for PM's visit
There is enthusiasm all over America regarding PM Narendra Modi's visit to America. Vigorous preparations are being made to welcome the PM. PM Modi is going to America on the invitation of President Biden. On June 22, PM Modi will address the Joint House of the US Parliament and will attend the State Dinner at the President's residence on June 22 itself. American officials are continuously giving encouraging feedback about PM Modi's arrival in America.
PM Modi's program
Prime Minister Narendra Modi will visit America and Egypt from 20 to 25 June. Modi's visit to the US will begin in New York, where he will lead the International Day of Yoga celebrations on June 21 at the United Nations Headquarters in New York. After this Prime Minister Washington D.C. Where he will be accorded a traditional reception at the White House on June 22. On June 22, PM Modi will address a joint meeting of the US Congress on the invitation of several US lawmakers. Subsequently, on June 23, US Vice President Kamala Harris and Secretary of State Antony Blinken will host a lunch in Modi's honour. Under the second phase of this tour, Prime Minister Modi will visit Egypt from 24 to 25 June.
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