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A herd of reindeer was seen quenching their thirst in the pond

Umaria/ In the scorching heat, only water is left for the wildlife to get relief. Be it tigers or other wildlife all are running towards the water. Recently a herd of reindeer was seen quenching their thirst near the pond, the video of the herd of reindeer is going viral on social media. In the viral video, around 100 reindeer are seen drinking water near a pond. Viral video is being told of Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve area of ​​Umaria district. The reindeer are looking very beautiful.

During the summer, the rain water sources of the forest dry up, so the wildlife has to wander for water. In the same way, a herd of wandering reindeer reached a small puddle filled with water and all together quenched their thirst.

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